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Stuart Hurricane Insurance Lawyers

Resolving Stuart Hurricane Insurance Disputes

Insurance policies that cover hurricane damage are complex, and in many instances multiple policies could be involved. As a result, hurricane insurance disputes are very common especially after a storm. Our law firm has nearly 50 years of experience representing boat owners, businesses and homeowners with hurricane insurance disputes after named storms.

The following are some strategies insurers employ after a hurricane:
  • Denying claims based on manufactured policy exclusions
  • Claiming only partial damage occurred or is covered
  • Offering less compensation than called for under the policy
If your boat, business, home or property has been damaged in a hurricane, don't sign anything or make any statements to your insurance company until you have spoken to a lawyer.

What to do After a Hurricane

Preserve Your Damaged Property as best as possible. Take whatever steps you can to mitigate any damage you have suffered.

Document. Document. Document. In this day and age of cell phones take as many pictures and video as possible.

Don't wait to contact your insurer.

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