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Stuart Real Estate Lawyers

9 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Lawyer

Guy, Yudin & Foster are Stuart real estate lawyers who work with clients to facilitate sales and acquisitions of residential and commercial real estate. We carefully prepare and review real estate documents including contracts for purchase and sale, mortgage documents, notes, financing statements, affidavits, disclosure statements, quiet title actions and removal clouds on titles and other necessary papers.

The firm also advises clients as to potential issues that may lead to future litigation. Litigation in real estate involves owners, buyers, sellers, lessors, brokers, lenders, and developers.

Our goal is to enable YOU to proceed quickly and to facilitate successful completion of each transaction.

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Property Rights Lawyers - Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

At Guy, Yudin & Foster, we help real estate purchasers and sellers, property owners and developers who have property rights disputes with neighbors or a governmental entity. These disputes frequently result in real estate litigation in areas such as boundary disputes, riparian disputes, title disputes, condo or homeowners disputes, and landlord / tenant disputes over lease terms or evictions.

Our experience in handling these types of matters enables us to develop creative solutions for resolving problems encountered by our clients as cost effectively as possible. Conversely, when litigation is the last and only option, our attorneys are experienced and respected litigators who can effectively prosecute your case in court or before an administrative body.

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Riparian Rights - Waterfront Property Law

If your land touches a natural body of water, you may have Riparian Rights. This specialized aspect of real estate law presents unique challenges in Florida which require the assistance of counsel experienced in handling such matters.

Guy, Yudin & Foster has experience solving the following problems:
  • Access rights
  • Dock disputes
  • Issues involving dedicated areas in recorded plats
  • Road-end disputes
  • Boundary disputes, involving both uplands and riparian bottomlands
  • Municipal regulation of riparian uses
  • Restrictive covenants/deed restrictions
  • Issues concerning public access or other public rights
  • Hunting and fishing rights
  • Easements
  • Litigating riparian rights issues
  • Quiet title actions
  • Land use issues
Guy, Yudin & Foster has extensive experience litigating and resolving disputes related to riparian rights and waterfront property law. We work with landowners, surveyors and other experts to establish the appropriate riparian boundaries for our client's waterfront properties.

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Dock Permitting

Guy, Yudin & Foster represents clients in all aspects of the complex approval process for docking facilities. This includes:
  • due diligence analysis
  • planning and zoning applications
  • dock permit applications
  • complex environmental permitting with federal, state, and local agencies
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Environmental Law

An Intimate Knowledge of State and Federal Environmental Processes

In Florida, there are a number of State and Federal agencies whose environmental regulations and permitting requirements must be complied with regarding docks, wetlands, and shoreline protection. At Guy, Yudin & Foster we understand these requirements and assist developers and owners to obtain the permits necessary to complete their projects.

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Condominium and Homeowners Associations (HOA)

Extensive Experience in Condo Association Law

Guy, Yudin & Foster represents condominium and homeowners associations, particularly in the areas of collections and association disputes:
  • Collection of Assessments
  • Demand letters to collect assessments
  • Garnishments
  • Lien foreclosures
  • Lien priority disputes with mortgagees
  • Litigation to collect unpaid assessments
  • Post judgment collection
  • Preparation of delinquent assessment collection procedures
  • Recording of liens for unpaid assessments
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Land Use & Zoning

Guiding Your Development

The lawyers at Guy, Yudin & Foster represent buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers, owners, developers and contractors in the area of land use, zoning and development for complex commercial ventures such as:

Zoning and land use for master planned communities and mixed-use projects, hotels, office buildings, industrial parks, shopping centers, warehouses, high rise condominiums, apartment buildings, residential homes, workforce and affordable housing.

The firm possesses a keen understanding in zoning and land use issues and have long term zoning relationships with local governments. They will assist you in obtaining the various permits, zoning changes and approvals required in land development.

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Construction Law

Construction Law relates to building construction and encompasses contract land planning and zoning, commercial litigation and construction defects.

The construction law attorneys at Guy, Yudin & Foster represent local builders and tradesmen regarding construction contracts, construction liens, bonds and insurance claims, and litigation of construction disputes.

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Hurricane Insurance Lawyers

Our law firm has nearly 50 years of experience representing boat owners, businesses and homeowners with hurricane insurance disputes after named storms.

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