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Admiralty law (or maritime law) is a distinct body of law that governs maritime claims and offenses. Maritime law was derived to assure uniformity in addressing the dangerous and unique conflicts involved in navigation and water commerce. It refers to the body of law that governs sea-going vessels and their owners, seamen, passengers, and cargo.

Admiralty and maritime law is a highly specialized area of the law deals with matters including marine commerce, marine navigation, marine salvaging, shipping, sailors, and the transportation of passengers and goods by sea. Admiralty law also covers many land based commercial activities which are maritime in nature.

The US Constitution gives the federal district courts the authority to hear admiralty cases. Cases which can only be heard in federal court include matters such as enforcement of maritime liens, foreclosure of preferred ship mortgages, limitation of liability actions and admiralty actions against the government. Many federal actions require the arrest of a vessel by the U.S. Marshal.

State courts do in fact have ability to hear some admiralty cases, depending on the remedy being sought. In such instances, federal and state courts are said to have concurrent jurisdiction.

Whether or not a case falls within admiralty jurisdiction is not always easy to determine. As a general rule, admiralty jurisdiction applies if the case arises from an accident on the navigable waters of the United States and involves some aspect of maritime commerce. A case is also within admiralty jurisdiction if it involves a contract relating to "the navigation, business or commerce of the sea". Cases can also fall within admiralty jurisdiction if they involve crimes committed on the high seas or against a US vessel or a US citizen.

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